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Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain is a common injury that can cause great pain and interfere with the daily functions of your life. Prior to the sudden onset of a back injury there is generally a pre-existing weakness within the internal structure of the spine. This weakness will then become vulnerable, triggering pain by the lifting of a heavy object, a sudden, quick movement or the sitting in a position for too long of a period.

Back Pain

Also called:

o    low back pain (LBP)

o    back pain

o    nonspecific low back pain

o    other terms likely referring to nonspecific LBP

·         myofascial pain

·         postural low back pain

·         lumbar sprain

·         lumbago

·         sciatica - LBP with radiation down posterior leg

·         lumbar dysfunction

·         lumbar derangement

o    terms sometimes used for nonspecific LBP, but which refer to specific causes of LBP

·         facet joint syndrome

·         segmental instability syndrome

·         iliolumbar syndrome (iliac crest syndrome, defined as point of localized maximal tenderness over medial part of iliac crest near iliolumbar ligament [posterior iliac crest] which is recognized as patient's typical pain)

·         herniated disc (herniation of nucleus pulposus)


Some causes for back pain include:

  • Bulging and/or herniated discs
  • Muscle spasms
  • Subluxations of the vertebrae
  • Strain and/or injury to the muscles or ligaments supporting the back
  • Small fractures to the spine from osteoporosis

Your chiropractor will first assess your injury through a hands-on review then can treat your back injury in a number of ways. Depending on the injury location, your chiropractor may perform a chiropractic adjustment to improve functionality, reduce nerve inflammation and restore range of motion in the back. Other techniques that can be used include mobilization of the area, physical therapy modalities, exercises and patient education to provide a comprehensive treatment approach.

If you suffer from back pain, and live in or around Centennial area, please contactour office to schedule an appointment with us today. We will gladly answer any of your questions and provide you with the best treatment options available to you.

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