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The food and nutrition choices you make can have a significant effect on your health from living a healthy life to poor and potentially harmful. The foods you choose to eat today will impact your health tomorrow.  There are numerous health issues associated to a poor diet (e.g., obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on and so forth).  

It is important to eat foods in the correct size proportions and also be well balance (e.g., fruits, vegetables, breads, and meats).  

Many Americans have looked to organic foods to avoid artificial chemicals and hormones that have tainted are foods and have been believed to be the root causes to many ailments worldwide.  Here is a quote from just one of many articles

“Are synthetic hormones safe?
Studies have found links between exposure to synthetic hormones and a number of human health problems including breast and prostate cancer. Other studies have found similar links between synthetic hormones and sexual development disorders.” 

“It’s also worth noting that both Canada and the European Union have banned the use of the synthetic growth hormone rBGH in dairy cattle based on health effects in cows as well as potential hazards for humans consuming the resulting milk.”

Here is another article on pesticides “To be healthy, we need to eat a variety of foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Pesticides play an important role in making sure there is enough food for everyone, by protecting food and crops from pests (insects, weeds and fungal diseases).” But we need to think at what cost? How are pesticides affecting our health?  There have been many laboratory studies that illustrate how there have been many health problems, such as birth defects, nerve damage, cancer, and other effects that might occur over a long period of time. 

To minimize these risks, it is crucial to properly clean your fruits and vegetables. In this article, Kilonzo-Nthenge et al. evaluated multiple methods for washing vegetables, including presoaking the vegetables, running them under tap water, brushing them, using paper towels, and also using vinegar and lemon preparations.

All in all, they concluded that soaking in cold tap water was not significantly different than using other preparations; such acidic solutions (think vinegar or lemon). In addition, they found it helpful to rub or brush the vegetables.

If you want to learn more about nutrition,  please contact our office to schedule an appointment with us today.

We also offer a great variety of supplements, detoxification, vitamins and minerals, and homeopathic remedies from standard process and hyland's Homeopath. 

Standard Process Fundamentals
Standard Process offers more than 160 whole food supplements. To help you get started, this page highlights the products that address basic conditions your patients may be concerned with.

These products are easy to implement into any nutritional program, and many may become the foundation of your patients' protocols. We also provide a wide variety of complimentary patient education tools to save you time. Some of these tools are highlighted at the bottom of the page. The others can be found on the individual product pages.